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Category: Diseases of Women

The womb may come down and remain in the
vagina (incomplete falling). When the womb escapes at the vulva it is
called a complete falling (prolapse or procidentia).

For the Incomplete Kind. Replace the womb and wear a support for months.

For the Complete Falling. Replace the womb. The patient should remain in
bed with daily, hot, prolonged vaginal injections of water for a few
weeks. The injection daily of white oak bark tea, of the strength of one
ounce of the bark to a pint of hot water, is often of great benefit.

If these measures fail to cure, an operation may be necessary.

MOTHERS' REMEDIES. 1. Falling of the Womb. Unicorn Root for. "Make a
strong tea of unicorn root, and take a half teaspoonful three times a day,
This is an excellent remedy for falling of the womb," This is very easily
prepared and not bad to take, and in addition to this use an injection of
witch-hazel or golden seal.

2. Falling of the Womb, a Fine Herb Combination for. "Peach leaves,
mullein leaves and hops made into a tea, and a pint used twice a day as an
injection often cures when other remedies fail." We all know that this
combination of herbs is healing and especially in female trouble. The
hops, especially, are very soothing to the affected parts.

3. Falling of the Womb, a Physician's. Treatment. "Knee-chest position.
Get down on the knees and put chest and chin to the floor. Retain this
position about three minutes several times a day." This is a splendid
thing to do, and is recommended by all physicians.

4. Falling of the Womb, a Never Failing Remedy for. "Ague root (Aletris
Farinosa) is a valuable agent to prevent tendency to miscarriage and
falling of the womb. It is especially useful for the purpose of restoring
the activity of the generative organs giving them vigor and healthy
action. Dose of the tincture is from six to ten drops three times a day
and of the powdered root five to eight grains." This is an old tried
remedy, and is frequently used by physicians alone or in combination with
other remedies.

5. Falling of the Womb, White Oak Bark for. "A mild infusion of white oak
bark, or of alum or tannin, used in quantities of a pint, as a douche,
will often give immediate relief."

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