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Category: Diseases of The Skin

This is the death of a part of the body in mass. There are two
forms, moist and dry.

Dry Gangrene. This is a combination produced by a loss of water from the
tissues. The skin becomes dark and wrinkled and is often hard, like
leather. Senile or old age gangrene, and really due to the arterial
sclerosis, usually occurs in the lower extremities, involving the toes. A
slight injury may first start up the trouble. The pain in this variety is
not usually great.

MOTHERS' REMEDIES. 1. Gangrene, Remedy from New York that cured a
Gangrenous Case. "A man aged 74 years had a sore below the knee for
fifteen years; at last gangrene appeared in his foot and three physicians
pronounced his case hopeless on account of his age. I was called as a
neighbor and found the foot swollen to twice its natural size, and the man
in pain from head to foot. I ordered cabbage leaves steamed until wilted,
then put them over the limb from knee to foot and covered with a cloth. In
about fifteen minutes they were black, so we removed them and put on fresh
ones, repeating the change until the leaves did not turn black. Then the
sore was thoroughly cleansed with a weak solution of saleratus and while
wet was thickly covered with common black pepper and wrapped up. The
saleratus water and pepper was changed night and morning until the sore
was entirely healed. After the third day this man had no pain, and in four
weeks was entirely healed. A year later he said he had never had any
trouble with it or with rheumatism which he had had for years before."

PHYSICIANS' TREATMENT for Gangrene. The skin should be treated. Poultices
sometimes may be good, or bottles of hot water around the parts. A general
tonic should be given.

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