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GOITRE, MOTHERS' REMEDIES,--1. Three Ingredient Remedy for

Category: Diseases of The Blood And Ductless Galnds

following treatment is excellent, but must be continued for several months:

Extract of Belladonna 1/2 dram
Compound Ointment Iodine 1/2 dram
Vaselin 1/2 ounce

Apply this to the affected parts several times a day."

If this treatment is kept up faithfully it is sure to help.

[Illustration: Thyroid Gland.]


2. Goitre, Simple Remedy for. "Wring a cloth from cold water and bind it
around the neck every night when retiring. This is a sure cure if
continued for some time."

3. Goitre, Inexpensive Remedy for--"Apply the following several times a
day: Extract of belladonna one-half dram, compound ointment of iodine two
drams; this treatment must be kept up several months." The above treatment
will be found very beneficial and is not an expensive one.

PHYSICIANS' TREATMENT for Goitre. 1. Locally tincture of iodine; paint
some on the gland once or twice a day until it gets a little sore and keep
it so for weeks, or use cosmoline and put in it about one-quarter as much
iodine and rub on. Lard will do instead of cosmoline. The parts should be
kept red and a little sore. Use also iodide of potash, five grains, three
times a day internally, while you are using external applications.

2. Use the compound of tincture of iodine the same way, externally. This
is not so strong and can be used longer with, I think, better results. At
the same time you may use this same medicine internally. Take one to two
drops internally three times a day; or you may take five grains of iodide
of potash three times a day instead. Externally: These applications must
produce a little redness and be continued for some time.

3. An Ointment. The red iodide of mercury is also good to rub on the part.
This may be used if the others fail.

4. Other medical remedies are used, but they must be closely watched and
must be used under the supervision of a doctor. The thymus or thyroid
extracts are thus used and with good results in many cases.

5. Colorless Iodine: This does not stain, but I have no faith in it. It is
used very much now and can be used freely. It is simply, druggists tell
me, iodide of potash made in solution, dissolved, and put on the part. A
great many cases of large goitres are now being operated upon with quite
good success. It is not done until other measures have failed, unless the
goitre is interfering with breathing and the blood supply.

6. This is very good, both for internal and external use.

Iodide of Potash 20 drams
Iodine 1 dram
Water enough for 3 ounces

Mix thoroughly and shake bottle before using.

Put some in two bottles; one for internal and other for external use. Take
internally five to ten drops in a little water before meals. Externally,
put on the enlarged neck, night and morning, unless it feels too sore,
when you can use it once a day or less.


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