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GONORRHEAL ARTHITIS. (Gonorrheal Rheumatism)

Category: Infectious Diseases

This is more common in men than women. Occurring during, and at
the end of or after inflammation of the urethra. It usually involves many
joints, such as the temporal, maxillary and collar bone. The effusion in
the joints is usually serious.

Symptoms. Variable joint pains may be the only one. The attack may
resemble an acute articular rheumatism of one joint, or a subacute
rheumatism of one or more.

Sometimes there is a chronic one-jointed inflammation usually of the knee.
The tendon sheaths and bursae may be involved alone, or with the joints.
Gonorrheal septicemia may result from arthritis. This is protracted.
Iritis is a most frequent complication. The urethra source of the
infection must be cured.

Treatment. Keep the joint quiet and you can use an ice cap for the pain.
Tonic treatment with quinine, iron, and arsenic in chronic cases is
needed. The joints should be kept at rest in acute cases. In chronic cases
massage and slight motion. The tonics must be chosen for each individual
case. One afflicted with this must be under treatment for a long time.

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