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Category: Diseases of The Blood And Ductless Galnds

"Bleeders."--This is a hereditary disorder characterized by a
tendency to persistent bleeding, spontaneously or even after a slight

Causes. Usually hereditary through many generations. It is transmitted
through daughters, themselves usually not "bleeders," to their male
children. It is found most often in the Anglo-German races.

Condition. The blood vessel walls are thin; the skin is delicate,
clotting of the blood is usually retarded.

Symptoms. It comes spontaneously or after only slight wounds; the person
is extremely delicate. The bleedings occur from the skin, or mucous
membrane, or from wounds, but rarely during menstruation or confinement.
They vary from small spots to bleeding which may end fatally, or in
recovery with marked anemia. There may be pain and swelling of the joints,
etc., and this may leave deformities resembling deformed arthritis. The
result is worse the earlier the disease shows itself. They may live to old

Treatment. Avoid, as much as possible, wounds and operations in
"bleeding" families. Marriage of the women should be discouraged. For
bleeding: rest, ice, tannic or gallic acid or adrenalin locally if the
bleeding points can be reached. Plug the nostrils for nose-bleed both
behind and in front.

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