Henbane (black Henbane, Insane Root)

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Poisonous Eurasian plant (Hyoscyamus niger) having an unpleasant odor,

sticky leaves, and funnel-shaped greenish-yellow flowers. It is a source

hyoscyamus, hyoscamine and scopolamine.


Tree or shrub (Lawsonia inermis) of the Middle East, having fragrant

white or reddish flowers. Reddish-orange dyestuff prepared from the

dried and ground leaves of this plant, used as a cosmetic dye and for

coloring leather and fabrics. To dye (hair, for example) with henna.


Liver of sulphur; a substance of a liver-brown color, sometimes used in

medicine. Fformed by fusing sulphur with carbonates of the alkalies

(esp. potassium), and consists essentially of alkaline sulphides. Called

also hepar sulphuris. A substance resembling hepar; in homeopathy,

calcium sulphide, called also hepar sulphuris calcareum.