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HEREDITARY ATAXIA. Friedrich's Disease

Category: Diseases of The Nervous System

This peculiar disease is due to a
degenerative disease of the posterior and lateral columns (parts) of the
spinal cord, occurring in childhood, and often in several children of the
same family.

Causes. More in boys than in girls and oftener in the country districts.
Heredity is frequently a cause and it is traced to syphilis, epilepsy,
alcoholism, and insanity in the ancestors. Several children of the same
family may have it.

Symptoms. In very young children it is noticed that they are slow in
learning to walk; the child staggers in trying to stand or to walk; it
uses its hands clumsily, and has difficulty in speaking. The movements of
the hands are peculiar, the hands move like in chorea, the speech is slow
and drawling.

Recovery. Very doubtful, but they may last for years.

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