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HOARSENESS. Inflammation of the Larynx. (Acute Laryngitis) Causes

Category: Respiratory Diseases

Due to
taking cold or over using the voice; hot liquids, poisons. It may occur in
influenza and measles; from irritating gases; some are subject to it.

Symptoms. Tickling in the larynx; cold air irritates, and breathing may
cause some pain; dry cough; the voice may be altered. At first it may be
only husky. In children breathing may be very difficult, after a day or
two there may be a light expectoration and finally there may be a loose
cough and a slight fever. The trouble is in the region of "Adam's Apple."
There is little or no danger in these attacks if proper care is taken. The
attack generally lasts two to four days.

Hoarseness, Borax for. "For hoarseness dissolve a
piece of borax the size of a pea in the mouth and don't talk. It will work
like a charm." The borax does away with the inflammation of the inflamed
parts and gives relief very quickly.

2. Hoarseness, Egg and Lemon for. "Beaten white of one egg, juice of one
lemon, with sugar enough to thicken, then add one teaspoonful olive oil."
Take one teaspoonful every hour until relieved.

3. Hoarseness, Horseradish for. "Horseradish root; eat plenty of it. This
has been tried and proved successful."

4. Hoarseness, Successful Remedy for Adults. "Take two ounces of fresh
scraped horseradish root, infuse in a close vessel in one-half pint of
cold water for two or three hours; then add four ounces of acid tincture
of lobelia and one-half pound of honey. Boil altogether for one-half hour,
strain and take a teaspoonful four times a day. This is a very good
remedy, especially for adults."

5. Hoarseness, Lemon and Sugar for Children. "Take the juice of one lemon
and saturate with sugar, take a teaspoonful several times a day. It is
sure to give relief. This is very pleasant to give to children, as they
most all like it."

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