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Category: Kidney and Bladder

This is a general enlargement of the gland
in all directions. All the three lobes may enlarge and in about one-third
of the men who have passed middle life some enlargement takes place, and
in about one-tenth of all men over fifty-five this enlargement becomes of
importance in regard to the size. The middle lobe may enlarge so much that
it may extend up into the bladder and block the opening into the urethra;
the side lobes may compress the urethra into a mere slit, or may lengthen
it so that the prostatic portion measures three or four inches, or may
twist and distort it so that the most flexible instrument can only be made
to pass through it with difficulty.

Symptoms. The earliest symptom may be increased frequency in passing
urine, especially at night. Soon some urine is retained in the bladder,
and this may increase so much that only an ounce or two can be passed
spontaneously, although the bladder contains one pint or more. The stream
of urine is feeble, and will drop perpendicularly towards the feet of the
patient. In some cases an inflammation of the prostate and bladder is set
up, and then the symptoms felt are very distressing. There is an almost
constant desire to pass urine; there is much pain and straining with it; a
slight bleeding may follow and night rest is broken; the general strength
fails from the continual suffering; the urine becomes foul, smells like
ammonia, and is reduced in quantity; inflammation of the kidneys develops
also; general poisoning occurs; and the patient dies of uraemia and in a
"coma" condition.

Treatment. Preventive. The patient should avoid taking cold in this
disease. Light and easily digested diet is necessary. The bowels must be
kept regular. Alcohol of any kind should not be used. The bladder should
be emptied at regular intervals. Some patients keep a catheter and "draw"
their own urine. Unless the patient takes great care, the bladder and
urethra will be irritated and perhaps infected through neglect of
cleanliness. Medicines are not very useful in severe cases. Operation is
the only reliable cure especially when some urine is always retained.

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