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In Neuritis from Arsenic

Category: Diseases of The Nervous System

We have disturbance of the stomach and bowels
first, then the legs and arms are about equally affected, weakened; may
recover in two to six months.

Treatment for acute kind. The first thing to do is to rest in bed and
control the pain and acute symptoms. Hot applications help to relieve the
suffering. Patient must be kept comfortably and constantly warm and quiet.
Hot applications of lead water and laudanum.

Medicines. It may be necessary to use morphine to control the pain.
Remedies such as antipyrine or aspirin are often used. A physician must be
called. When the disease is caused by arsenic and lead and alcohol, of
course you must remove the cause before you can hope for any improvement.

Caution. Any one can readily understand from reading this description
that the thing to do is to be careful not to needlessly expose yourself to
taking cold. One subject to rheumatism or neuritis, even in small degree,
should take care not only not to take cold but not to overdo in laboring;
cold, wet and over-exertion cause the majority of the acute attacks. But
some are caused by diseases, such as diphtheria, typhoid fever, etc., and
a great many cases of neuritis following these and other infectious
diseases can be avoided if proper care is taken during and after these
diseases. Such care can easily be taken. Keep your rooms warm and
comfortable, and the patient in bed or in a comfortable room until all
danger is past. How often I have heard a doctor blamed for such results
when in most cases it is the patient's or nurse's fault. Certain results
will follow certain diseases and only proper care can keep such results
from following. Dropsy frequently follows even a light case of scarlet
fever. Why? Simply because, on account of being a light case, the child is
left to roam at will about the rooms and catches cold, takes la grippe. If
people would only take care of themselves this disease would not leave so
many lifelong victims. I have seen men and women who have just recovered
from this disease stand on the street corners on a cold, damp day, and
talk an hour, and the next day they wondered how they could possibly have
taken cold. We cannot disobey the laws of nature safely. Persons who are
subject to neuritis or rheumatism should be especially careful on cold,
damp, wet days and of over-exertion.



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