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Indigestion and Heart-burn

Category: Obstetrics or Midwifery

This should be treated the same as under
other conditions. Diet, habits, should be regulated. The bowels and
kidneys should be regulated and do their eliminating work. For heart-burn
the popular remedy, magnesia may be taken or dilute hydrochloric acid with
nux vomica. One teaspoonful or effervescing citrate of magnesia dissolved
in water and drank, is a convenient remedy. Also, five drops of diluted
hydrochloric acid in water, taken after meals, through a tube, and one or
two drops of nux vomica before meals is beneficial. The following is an
excellent combination from Dr. Hare, of Philadelphia:

Dilute Hydrochloric Acid 2 drams
Essence of Pepsin 1 ounce
Compound Tincture of Gentian enough to make 4 ounces

Mix. Take one or two teaspoonfuls in a little water with meals.

In cases where it is impossible to eat anything the patient must be fed by
the rectum. In such cases a doctor must be called. Fortunately such severe
cases are very rare. The following for rectal feeding is given by Dr.
Manton, of Detroit, and is a good combination. Give every four hours:

Liquid Beef Peptonoids 3 drams
White of an Egg
Whisky 3 drams
Beef Tea or Warm Water enough to make 3 ounces

The rectum should be washed out once or twice daily in the interval
between the feeding.

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