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Inevitable Abortion

Category: Obstetrics or Midwifery

The abortion is probably inevitable if the bleeding
becomes persistent and free, the cervix softens, the womb dilates and the
labor pains set in. Still in spite of all these conditions, the bleeding
and pain may cease, and the pregnancy go on to full term, The result of
these cases, if carefully and properly treated, is favorable as far as the
mother is concerned.

Treatment. Preventive. In women where repeated abortions have occurred,
the cause should be diligently sought for. If syphilis exists the
treatment should be begun at the beginning of pregnancy. But when no
special cause can be found, and an irritable condition of the womb is
suspected to be present, the patient must be kept quiet in bed, especially
at the time when menstruation would normally occur. She should also be
guarded against lifting, fright, worry, over-exertion; and medicines like
bromide of potash, five to fifteen grains at a dose, given to quiet and
allay the nervous irritability.

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