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Category: Digestive Organs

1. Inflammation of the
Bowels, Excellent Remedy for. "First bathe the abdomen with warm salt
water, then lay over the navel a piece of lard the size of black walnut.
Hold the hand over this until it softens; then rub well into the bowels.
This often relieves when pills and powders fail." The massaging brings
about action of the bowels without a cathartic usually. Sweet oil or olive
oil instead of lard, will do as well.

2. Inflammation of the Bowels, Red Beet Poultice for. "Take red beets;
chop up, put in bag, warm a little and put across the stomach. This will
draw out the inflammation quickly and makes a very good poultice."

3. Inflammation of the Bowels, Hop Poultice for. "Take hops, strain them
and put in a sack. Lay across the stomach and bowels."

4. Inflammation of the Bowels, Griddle Cake Poultice for. "Apply hot
griddle cakes on bowels. This acts as a poultice, and should be replaced
as soon as cold." This remedy saved my life when I was seventeen years of
age. Am now fifty. This remedy will be found very good, but care should be
taken not to burn the patient.

5. Cold or Pain in the Bowels, Spice Poultice for Child or Adult. "Take a
cloth sack large enough to cover abdomen; take all kinds of ground spices,
put in the bag and tie up, sprinkle bag lightly with alcohol, just enough
to dampen spices; lay this on abdomen." This serves as a poultice and is
an excellent remedy for this trouble. This may be used for a child as well
as an adult.

6. Inflammation of the Bowels, Simple Remedy Always at Hand for. "Apply
hot woolen cloths to abdomen as hot as can be wrung out, change every few
minutes. My life was saved twice when I was several hundred miles from a
doctor by this treatment." This simple but never failing remedy is easily
prepared and, as we all know, heat is the most essential thing for this
trouble, especially moist heat.

7. Inflammation of the Bowels, a Rather Unique Remedy for. "Cut the head
off of a hen, cut open down the breast, take out the inwards, pound flat
and roll with rolling pin and apply to the bowels. This will draw out all
inflammation, but must be done in as little time as possible." The above
remedy can do no harm. Many people use it. Perhaps other poultices would
be easier to prepare, just as effective and save the hen.

8. Inflammation of the Bowels, Marshmallow Leaves, a Canadian Remedy
for. "Green marshmallow leaves (dry will do). Wet flannel and apply
hot." Make a strong tea of the marshmallow leaves and while hot dip
flannels and apply to abdomen.

9. Inflammation of the Bowels, Syrup of Rhubarb for. "Add to three pints
of simple syrup one and three-fourths ounces of crushed rhubarb,
one-fourth ounce each of crushed cloves and cinnamon, one dram of bruised
nutmeg, one pint of diluted alcohol, evaporate liquid by a gentle heat to
one-half pint. Excellent in bowel complaint in one-half dram (one-half
teaspoonful) doses every hour until it operates." The rhubarb moves the
bowels and casts out all irritating matter. The oil of cloves stimulates
the membranes of the bowels and the cinnamon and nutmeg are astringents.

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