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Inflammation of the Bundles of Nerve Fibres)

Category: Diseases of The Nervous System

Nagel describes it as "an
inflammation of the nerves of an acute or chronic nature, associated with
more or less degeneration, change in the nerve fibrils of the affected

Causes. An injury to the nerves, frequent muscular strains, exposure to
cold. Inflammation can extend to the nerve from adjacent inflamed
structures. Pressure can cause it. Fractures of bones cause it by
compression and it is also caused by infectious diseases, such as
rheumatism, typhoid fever, syphilis, etc. In some cases it simply appears
without apparent cause.

When the disease process involves the nerve sheaths and connective tissue
structures in particular, an interstitial neuritis results; when the
disease locates itself in the nerve fibrils it gives rise to
"parenchymatous neuritis" (main part of the nerve is inflamed).

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