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INFLAMMATION OF THE NAIL. (Onychia). Treatment

Category: Diseases of The Skin

Cut into the back part if
it needs it. That will relieve the tension and pain. Sometimes the nail
must be removed. The inflammation is at the base (matrix) of the nail.

LOUSE, Disease of the Skin Produced by. This is a disease of the skin
produced by an animal parasite, the pediculus or louse. There are the head
louse, pediculus capitis; the body louse, pediculus corporis; the pubis,
(about the genitals) pediculus pubis. The color of lice is white or gray.
They multiply very fast, the young being hatched out in about six days and
within eighteen days are capable of propagating their same species. The
nits are glued to the hair with a substance which is secreted by the
female louse.

HEAD LOUSE or Pediculus Capitis. Treatment. The symptoms are very
apparent. Apply pure kerosene, rub it into the hair thoroughly. It can be
mixed with an equal part of balsam of peru. It should be left on the scalp
for twelve to twenty-four hours and then removed by a shampoo. Other
remedies that can be used are, tincture of staphisagria (stavesacre), this
can be made into an ointment; or ointment of ammoniated mercury. The dead
nits are removed from the hair by dilute acetic acid or vinegar. Cutting
the hair is not usually required. An infusion of quassia is good as a

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