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Inflammation of the Ovary or Ovaritis

Category: Diseases of Women

This is an inflammation of the
ovary and it may be either acute or chronic.

In the acute form the ovary is slightly enlarged and the follicles on the
circumference are distended and filled with thick fluid or pus.

In the chronic variety the ovary may be small and contain cysts; there is
a destruction of the follicles and a hardened condition develops. The
function of the ovary is then impaired.

Causes. Gonorrhea, septic infection from adjacent tissues, acute fever
diseases, mumps, and peritonitis. Falling (prolapse) often gives rise to
chronic inflammation.

Symptoms. Pain in the lower abdomen (pelvis), difficult and painful
menstruation, too much monthly flow (menorrhagia), and painful

Treatment. Ichthyol (ten percent) and glycerin tampons placed behind the
lower back part of the womb three times a week. The bowels should be kept
open with salts. The diet should be milk or liquid. Sometimes an operation
is necessary. In the department on operations this subject will be touched
upon in regard to operations.

PHYSICIANS' TREATMENT. Change of the mode of life, and proper hygienic
measures will generally be all that is needed.


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