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ITCH. Common Itch (Scabies)

Category: Diseases of The Skin

Itch is a contagious disease, due to the
presence of an animal parasite. There is intense itching in this disease.
The parasite seeks the thin, tender regions of the skin, the spaces
between the fingers, wrists and forearms, the folds in the arm-pit, the
genitals in men and the breasts in women.

Cause. It is always transmitted by contagion. An intimate and long
contact is usually needed. A person occupying the same bed with one who
has it is liable to take it. The female parasite lives from six to eight
weeks, during which time she lays fifty eggs, which, when hatched out,
become impregnated in their turn.

MOTHERS' TREATMENT for Common Itch. 1. Mustard Ointment for. "Make an
ointment of cup of fresh lard (without salt) and a tablespoonful of dry
mustard, work to cream and apply." This is very soothing.

2. Itch, Grandmother's Cure for. "Sulphur and lard mixed; rub on at
night, then take a good bath, using plenty of soap, every day." The above
ingredients are always easily obtained and anyone suffering with this
disease will find relief from the itching by using this remedy. It is very

3. Itch, Herb Ointment for. "Mix the juice of scabious with fresh lard
and apply as an ointment. A decoction made from the same herb might be
taken at the same time to purify the blood. It is always well to take some
blood tonic together with any outward application you may use." Some who
read the above may know scabious by other names as the "morning bride" or
"sweet scabious" or "devil's bit," etc.

4. Itch, Elecampane Root Ointment for. "Boil elecampane root in vinegar,
mix with fresh lard, beating thoroughly." This is an excellent remedy for
itch, having a very soothing effect and relieving the itching.

5. Itch, Oatmeal for. "A poultice of oatmeal and oil of bays; cures the
itch and hard swellings." Oatmeal poultices are more stimulating and draw
more rapidly than those made of linseed meal.

6. Itch, a Mother at Parma, Michigan, Sends the Following. "Make a salve
of sulphur and lard and each night apply it to the whole body; also one
tablespoonful internally for three mornings, then skip three and so on.
This is the only thing I know of that will cure itch. I have tried it with

7. Itch, Kerosene for. "Apply kerosene oil, undiluted, to the parts
several times a day. Apply nitrate of mercury ointment to the body."

8. Itch, Splendid Ointment for Common Itch.

"Lac-Sulphur 160 grains
Napthaline 10 grains
Oil Bergamot 4 drops
Cosmoline 1 ounce

Rub lac-sulphur into fine powder. Sift it into the melted cosmoline and
stir until nearly cool, then add napthaline and oil bergamot. Stir until

PHYSICIANS' TREATMENT for Itch. If the skin is much inflamed or
irritable, soothing baths and ointments should be used at first. There are
three indications to be met in the treatment; first, to destroy the cause,
the parasite; second, to cure the result of their work; third, to prevent
a return or transmission to others.

First Thing to Do. Soak the body thoroughly with soap (green soap if you
have it) and water, this softens the outer layer (epidermis). This layer
covers the female parasite which burrows under it. The male does not
burrow and it is therefore easier to kill. Rub the skin thoroughly with a
rough towel after the soaking. This rubbing will remove the outer skin
scales and with it some of the parasites. The towel should be boiled at
once to prevent it from conveying the parasite to others. Then apply the
ointment, which, if thoroughly applied, relieves the patient at once. The
skin should be well softened and rubbed in order to open every track
(burrow) of the parasite. Allow the ointment to remain on all night and
use it for three or four nights successively.

Ointments. 1. Simple sulphur ointment alone.

2. Oil of Cale (from Juniper) 1 dram
Sulphur Ointment 2 drams
Lanolin 5 drams

3. Flowers of Sulphur 6 ounces
Oil of Fagi 6 ounces
White Chalk 4 ounces
Green Soap 16 ounces
Lard 16 ounces

Apply at night. This is not so strong.

4. For children the following can be used:

Sulphur 1 dram
Balsam Peru 1 dram
Lard 1 ounce

Apply as usual.

5. The following for adults:

Precipitated Sulphur 2 drams
Carbonate of Potash 1 dram
Lard Ointment 1-1/2 ounces

Rub well into the skin.

Second:--Heal the resultant sores with soothing applications like vaselin
and a little camphor in it.

Third:--Boil and disinfect all underwear and bedding or any article liable
to give an abiding place to the parasite. It is easily cured with proper

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