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Category: Diseases of The Skin

The parts usually affected are the hands, face, the
genitals, the arms, the thighs and neck.

Symptoms. These usually appear soon. Red patches, with scanty or profuse
watery pimples, with a watery discharge after bursting. There is swelling,
intense burning and itching. The parts sometimes swell very much and look
watery. The person can hardly keep from scratching.

MOTHERS' REMEDIES. 1. Ivy Poisoning, Buttermilk and Copperas for. "Wash
in copperas and buttermilk three or four times a day. Have seen this used
and it helped." The copperas and buttermilk is very good when applied to
the parts immediately after the poison is discovered. The copperas acts
very much like sugar of lead and in some cases is very much more

2. Ivy Poisoning, Cure for.

"Bromine 10 to 20 drops
Olive Oil 1 ounce

Mix. Rub the mixture gently into the affected parts three or four times a
day. The bromine being volatile the solution should be freshly made."

This remedy is frequently used by physicians, and is very effective.

CHAPPED HANDS AND FACE. Mothers' Remedies. 1. Chapped Hands, Quince Seed
Cream for. "Soak one teaspoonful of quince seeds in one cup warm water
over night. Strain through a cloth and add one ounce glycerin, five cents'
worth bay rum, and perfume if you choose."

2. Chapped Hands, Soothing Lotion for. "Bathe them in soft water using
ivory soap and Indian meal; when dry bathe in vinegar. Have tried this
treatment and my hands feel soft and easy after treatment." It would be
best to dilute the vinegar with water one-half.

3. Chapped Hands, Glycerin for. "Use glycerin freely." Glycerin is very
irritating to some people, then again it works like a charm. You can tell
only by trying it.

4. Chapped Hands, Carbolic Salve for. "We always use a good carbolic
salve for these, as we have found nothing better for sores of any kind." A
few drops of carbolic acid added to any good salve will give you the

5. Chapped Hands, Glycerin and Lemon Juice for. "Two-thirds glycerin,
one-third lemon juice, mix well together; apply nights."

6. Chapped Hands, Camphor Ice for. "Camphor ice." Apply frequently after
thoroughly washing and drying the hands.

7. Chapped Hands, Remedy from a New York Lady.

Glycerin 4 ounces
Cologne 2 ounces
Benzoin 1/2 ounce
Rain water 1 pint

Mix thoroughly and apply to the hands after washing.

This remedy has also been used for years by a friend, and we have proved
it good. If applied frequently during the winter the hands will not chap."

8. Chapped Hands, Rose Cream for. "Get ten cents' worth of rose water,
five cents' worth of glycerin and the juice of one lemon. Mix and rub on
the affected parts,"

9. Chapped Hands, Preventive for. "A little diluted honey or almond oil
will restore softness and prevent chapping."

10. Chapped Hands or Face, from a Twin Falls Idaho, Mother. "One-fourth
ounce gum tragacanth dissolved in one and half pints of soft water; then
add ounce each of alcohol, glycerin and witch-hazel, also a little
perfume. I find this one of the best remedies I ever used for sore or
chapped hands."

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