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JAUNDICE (Icterus)

Category: Digestive Organs

A symptom consisting in discoloration by bile pigment
of the skin, whites of the eyes, other mucous membranes and secretions.

Causes. Obstruction of the gall ducts, from gall stones, inflammation,
tumor, strictures, from pressure by tumors, and other enlarged abdominal

Symptoms. The skin and the conjunctiva (red membrane of the eyes) are
colored from a pale lemon yellow to a dark olive or greenish black. The
itching may be intense, especially in a chronic case. The sweat may be
yellow. The stools are a pale slate color, from the lack of bile, and are
often pasty and offensive. The pulse is slow. Recovery depends upon the
cause. Plain, simple jaundice cases recover in a few days or weeks.

MOTHERS' REMEDIES. 1. Jaundice, Sweet Cider Sure Cure for. "New cider
before it ferments at all. Drink all you can." This is a very simple
remedy, but a sure one if taken in the early stages of jaundice. It causes
the bowels to move freely and carries off any impurities in the system.

2. Jaundice, Lemon Juice for. "Take a tablespoonful of lemon juice
several times a day." This disease is produced by congestion of the liver,
and as lemon is excellent as a liver tonic it is known to be an excellent
remedy for jaundice.

3. Jaundice, Peach Tree Bark for. "Take the inner bark of a peach tree,
and make a strong tea, and give a teaspoonful before each meal for five
days, then stop five days, and if the patient's indications do not warrant
a reasonable expectation that a cure is effected repeat the medicine as
above. I never knew of a case in which the above medicine failed to cure.
Keep the bowels open with sweet oil."

MOTHERS' REMEDIES for Liver Complaint. Mandrake Root for. 1. "Dry and
powder the mandrake root (often called may-apple) and take about one
teaspoonful." This dose may be repeated two or three times a day,
according to the requirements of the case. This is a stimulant, a tonic
and a laxative, and is especially good when the liver is in a torpid and
inactive condition.

2. Liver Trouble, Dandelion Root Tea for. "Steep dandelion root, make a
good strong tea of it; take a half glass three times a day." This is a
very good remedy as it not only acts on the liver, but the bowels as well.
This will always cure slight attacks of liver trouble.

3. Torpid Liver, Boneset Tea for. "Drink boneset tea at any time during
the day and at night. It is also good for cleansing the blood." This is a
very good remedy, especially for people who live in a low damp region.

4. Liver Trouble, Mandrake Leaves for. "A very good remedy to use
regularly, for several weeks, is to use from one to three grains of
may-apple (mandrake) seed, night and morning, followed occasionally by a
light purgative, as seidlitz powder or rochelle salts." This is sure to
give relief if kept up thoroughly.

5. Liver Trouble, Mullein Leaf Tea for. "Mullein leaves steeped, and
sweetened. Drink freely." This acts very nicely upon the liver.

PHYSICIANS' TREATMENT for Liver Trouble. 1. For the itching, hot alkaline
baths with baking soda in water, or dust on the following:--

Starch 1 ounce
Camphor, powdered l-1/2 drams
Oxide of Zinc 1/2 ounce

Mix and use as a powder, or use carbolic vaselin locally. Move the bowels
with salts and do not give much food for a few days. Use nothing but milk.

2. The following is good to move the bowels when the stool is yellow and
costive in a child one year old:

Sulphate of Magnesia 2 ounces
Cream of tartar 2 ounces

Mix and give one-half teaspoonful in water every three hours until the
bowels move freely. Phosphate of soda in one dram doses every three hours
is good.

3. Severe Type and Epidemic Form. Give one to two drops of tincture
myrica cerifera (barberry) every two hours for an adult. This I know to be
very good.

4. The common simple kind of jaundice will get well readily by moving the
bowels freely and keeping the patient on light food.

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