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LARD (Adeps)

Category: Medical Uses of Some Common Household Articles

This is a common household article known to all. It is
frequently used as the basis for ointments and cerates and in domestic
practice as a lubricant. Tincture benzoin added to it prevents it from
becoming rancid. It can be used in corrosive poisoning as an antidote
except where phosporus and carbolic acid have been swallowed. It is also
used in preparing articles of food. It has more penetrating power than
petrolatum or vaselin. Washed lard, beaten up with an equal quantity of
lime-water, and a few drops of oil of bitter almond, thymol, or carbolic
acid added, is splendid for burns; stiffened with yellow wax it forms the
simple ointment often used. It softens the hard skin and reduces its heat,
when the natural secretion is suppressed. It also softens and removes
scabs and lessens and prevents the effect of irritant discharges. The
simple lard ointment relieves the intense heat and itching of the skin in
scarlet fever. Dissolved and given in large doses it causes nausea and

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