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Category: Medical Uses of Some Common Household Articles

Lemons, owing to their pleasant flavor and agreeable acidity, are
very useful in a sick room. The rind yields an oil of great fragrancy.
Each lemon yields two to eight drams of acidulous juice and contains seven
to nine per cent of citric acid, besides phosphoric and malic acids, in
combination with potassa and other bases. Half an ounce of lemon juice
should neutralize twenty-five grains of bicarbonate of potassium, twenty
grains of bicarbonate of soda or fourteen grains of carbonate of ammonia.
The rind of lemon when fresh, besides the oil above mentioned, contains a
bitter crystalline glucoside.

Hesperidin. Uses. Lemon juice applied to the surface of the skin removes
freckles, moth spots, sunburn, pruritus, and ink-stains.

Internally. This is a very good remedy to cure scurvy. It is a constant
companion of sea-goers and scurvy is seldom seen when the regulation
ration of lemon-juice is used regularly. It also cures the scurvy skin
trouble or the form of muscular pains felt in scurvy.

Chronic Rheumatism. In some cases several ounces of lemon-juice
administered daily affords marked relief, and it is also sometimes useful
in acute rheumatism. Lemonade is a useful drink during convalescence, as
it increases the urine and reduces its acidity.

Hot lemonade is useful as a sweating agent to break up colds in their
beginning. It satisfies the thirst and is very grateful to a stomach that
is not normal. It makes a very pleasant drink in many cases of sickness.

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