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Lives saved from smallpox in Michigan

Category: Infectious Diseases

Since the State Board of Health
was established, many thousands of people in Michigan have been vaccinated
because of its recommendations; and the statistics of deaths, published by
the Secretary of State, show that at the close of the year 1906, the death
rate from smallpox in Michigan had been so much less than before the board
was established as to indicate that over three thousand lives had been
saved from that loathsome disease. The average death rate per year, for
the five years, 1869-1873, before the board was established, was 8.5 per
100,000 inhabitants, and since the board was established, for the
thirty-three years, 1874-1907, it was only 1.5. Since 1896 an uncommon
mild type of the disease has prevailed very extensively, but the death
rate has been exceedingly low, being for the eleven years, 1897-1907,
slightly less than one death for each 100,000 inhabitants. The great
saving of life from smallpox in civilized countries has been mainly
because of vaccination and revaccination.

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