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Category: Diseases of The Nervous System

These are very common. They may be regular every
month, and they are then caused by some trouble with the womb or ovaries,
or may be due to a run-down condition or heredity. It comes sometimes from
suppression of the menses as a consequence of some violent emotion,
fright, anger, grief, or by exposure to wet, draughts of air, privations,
over-fatigue, etc. It may last for several days. The headache may be mild
or severe.

Treatment. A foot bath or sitz bath is very good, with free drinking of
pennyroyal tea after the bath, and when in bed. Place warmth to the feet,
moist heat over the abdomen, such as a hot water bag or fomentations.
Remain quietly in bed. If constipated, take an enema. Frequently a free
bowel movement gives much relief in this trouble. During the interval
doctor the patient for the trouble causing the headache for which see
another part of this book, "Diseases of Women."

MOTHERS' REMEDIES, 1. Headache, Paregoric and Soda for. "A teaspoonful of
paregoric, with one-half teaspoonful of baking soda in a tumbler of water,
May be taken all at once or sipped slowly."

2. Headache, Hops Good for. "Make a strong decoction of hop tea, and take
a wineglassful every half hour until relieved." This is an old tried
remedy and a good one.

3. Headache, Mustard Excellent for. "Place a mustard plaster on the back
of the head, also bathe the feet in mustard water and stay in a darkened
room, and avoid all excitement and noise." The one essential thing is to
get the nerves quieted; take as little food as possible for twenty-four
hours, giving the stomach an opportunity to rest, as most of the headaches
come from a disordered stomach.

4. Headache, Peppermint Beneficial for,--"Bathe the head in strong
peppermint. Then apply cloths wrung from water as hot as can be endured."
Hot or cold applications are known to be very beneficial. After the cloths
are taken off, the soothing effect can be further enhanced by gentle
rubbing of the forehead.

5. Headache, Cold Application in Case of. "Apply cold applications on the
forehead and over the eyes." These cold applications have been known to
give relief in a very few minutes to many people suffering with severe
headaches. It is well to continue the treatment; even after relief has
been obtained, for at least a half hour. Gentle rubbing of the head is
very good, also.

6. Headache, Castor Oil Will Relieve. "One tablespoonful of castor oil.
Have used this and found relief." This remedy gives relief as the castor
oil carries off the food that is distressing the stomach. It is well to
take two tablespoonfuls of lime-water in a glass of milk three times a day
for about a week after the castor oil has operated.

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