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Milk Poison, Popular Remedy for

Category: Unclassified Remedies

Yellow Poplar Bark 4 ounces
Wild Gooseberry Roots 4 ounces
Slippery Elm Bark 4 ounces

Put in an earthern vessel with two quarts of water; put over a slow fire
and simmer to one pint, then strain and add it to one gallon of the best
rye whisky and give one wineglassful for the first dose, and thereafter
give two tablespoonfuls every two hours. Move the bowels by pink and senna
tea. Poultice the bottom of the feet with blue flag swamp root mashed fine
to the consistency of a poultice. For the vomiting associated with the
disease give one teaspoonful wild deer horn in a little water obtained by
filing or grinding the horn of a wild deer. As this is not always to be
obtained, a tablespoonful of pulverized chalk is good, or a little cold
tea may be given. This recipe has been known to save many persons' lives,
when the doctors had given up in despair. When the patient becomes
sufficiently improved to warrant it, the dose may be decreased, but it
should be taken quite a long time to kill the poison or counteract the
poison in the system."

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