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Category: Obstetrics or Midwifery

1. Pregnancy, A Great Aid for. "Soothing syrup or
Mother's friend, while pregnant. Two ounces each of cramp bark, blue
cohosh, slippery elm, raspberry leaves, squaw vine, orange peel and bitter
root. Simmer gently in sufficient water to keep herbs covered for two
hours, strain and steep gently down to one quart. Let it stand to cool,
then add one cup granulated sugar, and four ounces alcohol. Dose. One
tablespoonful two or three times a day for several weeks before the birth
of the child. This has been thoroughly tried and causes an easy birth
where difficulty has been expected."

2. Nausea of Pregnancy, Menthol and Sweet Oil for. "Vomiting and nausea
of pregnancy; a twenty per cent solution of menthol in sweet oil; use ten
drops on sugar when nausea appears." The menthol acts on the stomach and
quiets it. This will be found very beneficial.

3. Pregnancy, Bouillon or Broth for. "Was weak and generally run down.
Family physician warned me I would never survive the birth of another
child. I bought each day several beef bones and boiled them for three
hours. I also bought chicken feet, scalded them and scraped them until the
outside skin peeled off, then boiled the chicken feet with the bones. Skim
surface from time to time. I would then heat up a raw egg in a glass and
fill glass with this broth and drink it warm." This lady would take a
glass whenever thirsty or six or seven times a day. She increased in
strength immediately, within a year was the mother of a healthy baby girl
now nineteen years old and believes her life was saved by the above.
Anyone will find this worth trying.

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