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MOTHERS' REMEDIES. Bronchitis, Camphor and Lard for

Category: Respiratory Diseases

1. "Grease a cloth
well with lard to which has been added some camphor gum, then sprinkle on
some dry baking soda and lay it on the chest. The camphor and lard should
be made into a salve, then put on the soda. The lard and camphor gum
penetrates the affected parts, relieving the inflammation and tightness in
the chest. It is well in children to put a layer of cotton cloth over the
chest keeping them warm and getting better results from the remedy."

2. Bronchitis, Grandmother's Remedy for.

"Hoarhound 5 cents worth
Hops 5 cents worth
Wild cherry bark 5 cents worth
Licorice root 5 cents worth

"Boil and simmer altogether in two quarts of water long enough to get the
strength out of the ingredients, strain, add three cups sugar, then add
enough good whisky to keep from souring, say a half pint." This
combination is not only good for bronchitis, but for the cough left from
the effects of bronchitis. The hoarhound, wild cherry bark and licorice
root have a very soothing effect on the bronchial tubes, and the hops
quiets the nervous system. This is also good for a common cough.

3. Bronchitis, Antiphlogistine Plaster for. "Antiphlogistine is fine for
bronchitis, where there is any inflammation, pleurisy, any kind of a
scratch, especially rusty nails; pneumonia, Set can in water long enough
to heat, but not hot, spread on with case knife as thick as a silver
dollar, spread cotton batting over it, keep on twenty-four hours, before
changing. This is a very useful remedy to keep on hand." Antiphlogistine
is very good to apply to the body wherever inflammation is present, as it
withdraws the blood from the organ or part of the body that is affected.
It does this by drawing the blood into the external circulation. It has
the same effect upon the diseased parts as the old-fashioned mustard, but
does not blister. In using the mustard plaster you are in fear of
blistering, and then having the outward blister and inward inflammation to
contend with. The antiphlogistine can be purchased at drug stores. Set the
can in warm water until it is warm, then spread on a piece of cotton cloth
and apply to the affected parts, where it may remain for twenty-four
hours, then repeat if necessary. Should always be put on warm, but not
hot. It usually drops off when dry and no longer effective.

4. Bronchial, or any Severe Cough. One of the best Home Remedies.

"Hoarhound (herb form) 1 ounce
Irish moss 1 ounce
Flax Seed (the seed not pulverized) 1 ounce
Boneset 1 ounce
Licorice Root (cut up fine) 1 ounce

Place the above in some suitable pan or dish for such purpose in a gallon
of cold water, and put it on the back of the stove, so that it will simmer
slowly until reduced to one-half gallon, which may require one day or
more, then strain and place in a bottle, or bottles. Dose. One
wineglassful three times a day. Add a little sugar if desired." This is a
very fine cough remedy, as the hoarhound loosens the cough, the flax seed
soothes the membrane, and the boneset by its general action on the system
produces sweating. The Irish moss is a sort of food for the whole system
and helps to build a person up.

5. Bronchitis, Camphorated Oil and Steaming for. "Bathe the chest and
throat up around the head with camphorated oil; drink water and steam the
throat and mouth over hot water. Have tried this recipe and found it
effectual. Have a bronchial cough now and am treating it myself." The
camphorated oil seems to have a very soothing effect upon the chest, in
fact it acts about the same as camphor and lard, only is more pleasant to
use, and can be bought already prepared. Drinking plenty of water cleanses
the system by acting upon the stomach, bowels and kidneys, carrying off
the impurities. The breathing of steam is very soothing and healing to the
throat and air passages.

6. Bronchitis, General Relief for. "Dose of castor oil every night; one
teaspoonful for child. Grease well with camphorated oil or any good oil."
The castor oil is very good for carrying off the phlegm from the stomach
and bowels that children always swallow instead of coughing up like an
older person. It is well in addition to the above remedy to give a little
licorice or onion syrup to relieve the bronchial cough.

7. Bronchitis, Lard Poultice for. "Take a piece of cotton batting large
enough to cover chest and fit up close to the neck; wring out of melted
lard as hot as the patient can stand it, and apply. Change as often as it
gets cold. Also give dose of castor oil."

8. Bronchitis, Mustard Plaster for. "Mustard plasters are very good."
This acts as a counter-irritant, as it draws the blood to the surface and
relieves the inflamed bronchial tubes.

9. Bronchitis, Well-Known Remedy for.

"Cod Liver Oil 2 ounces
Ginger Syrup 2 ounces
Mucilage of Gum Arabic 2 ounces
Oil of Cloves 6 drops

Dose :-Teaspoonful before meals and at bedtime."

This is a very good remedy, as the cod liver oil by its general action
tones up the whole system. The ginger tones and stimulates the stomach and
takes away the sickening effect of the cod liver oil.

10. Bronchitis Remedy and General Tonic. "Take small doses of glycerin
and one teaspoonful three times a day of codfish oil." This remedy, though
simple, is very effective. The glycerin and codfish oil are both soothing
to the affected parts, and the codfish oil is a very good tonic to tone up
the general system.

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