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MOTHERS' REMEDIES. Dry Cough and Tickling

Category: Respiratory Diseases

l. "Raspberry Tincture. Take
one-half pound of honey, one cup water; let these boil; take off scum;
pour boiling hot upon one-half ounce lobelia herb and one-half ounce
cloves; mix well, then strain and add one gill of raspberry vinegar. Take
from one teaspoonful to a dessertspoonful four times a day. Pleasant to

2. Cough, Honey and Vinegar for. "Honey and vinegar." This is an old and
tried remedy and a good one. The vinegar cuts the phlegm in the throat and
bronchial tubes, and the honey is very soothing.

3. Cough of Long Standing, Excellent Syrup for.

"Carbonate Ammonia 40 grains
Syrup Senega 6 drams
Paregoric 4 drams
Syrup Wild Cherry 6 drams
Syrup Tolu 4 ounces"

This is a very good syrup, and is especially good for chronic cough or
chronic bronchitis. Dose. One teaspoonful every three hours.

4. Cough, Reliable Mixture in Severe Cases.

"Oil of Anise 1/2 ounce
Syrup of Balsam of Tolu 1/2 ounce
Black Stick Licorice 1/2 ounce
Best Rye Whisky 1 pint

Shake well before using. Dose:--One teaspoonful at intervals of one hour
or oftener; if cough is very bad."

5. Cough, Mullein Leaf Tea for--"Mullein leaves steeped with loaf sugar
cures a cough." Take four ounces of mullein leaves and boil for ten
minutes in water: then add the loaf sugar. This is very soothing to the
sore parts and also helps to loosen up the secretion so it can be raised

6. Cough, Lemon Juice and Sugar for. "Lemon juice and sugar is a good
remedy for coughs." It is surprising to see how quickly the lemon juice
will cut the phlegm in throat, and sugar is always good for cold.

7. Cough, Standard Remedy for.

"Hoarhound Five cents worth
Hops Five cents worth
Wild cherry bark Five cents worth
Licorice root Five cents worth

Boil or simmer altogether in two quarts of water long enough to get the
strength out of the ingredients; strain, add three cups sugar. Add enough
good whiskey to keep from souring, say one-half pint. This will cure a
stubborn cough."

8. Cough, Ipecac Syrup for. "One-third teaspoonful of ipecac dissolved in
one teaspoonful of water; one tablespoonful of sugar; pour on one
teacupful of boiling water and let it boil down to half cup. Dose. One
teaspoonful for adults, and children in proportion, every two hours, or,
if needed to vomit children give again in ten or fifteen minutes."

9. Cough Remedy for Adults (not for children).

"Laudanum Three cents worth
Anise Three cents worth
Essence of Peppermint Three cents worth
Licorice (liquid) Three cents worth
Brown Sugar 1 cup
Molasses 1 cup
Boiling water 2 cups

Let this come to a little more than a boil. Take a teaspoonful of it as
often as necessary." This is for adults. Do not use for children.

10. Coughs, Very Simple Remedy for. "Take one-half tablespoonful hogs'
lard or salt pork grease, heat it hot, fill spoon with coal oil and
swallow while hot. Have used this, will stop and cure the worst cough."
Not to be given to children.

11. Coughs, Glycerin, Brandy and Paregoric with Lemon, Good
for. "Glycerin, one ounce; brandy, one ounce; paregoric, one ounce; lemon
juice, one ounce. Mix well; one teaspoonful every hour." This makes a very
effective cough syrup. The glycerin and brandy cut the phlegm, and the
paregoric is soothing and quieting. The lemon juice is healing to the
membranes of the throat.


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