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Category: Digestive Organs

1. "The ashes of burnt branches of the common
grape vine make a very superior tooth powder. It will clean the blackest
of teeth, if continued for a few mornings, to that of pure white."

2. Tooth Powder. "Precipitated chalk four ounces, powdered orris root
eight ounces, powdered camphor one ounce; reduce camphor to fine powder
moistening with very little alcohol, add other ingredients. Mix thoroughly
and sift through fine bolting cloth." Have used this with great success.

3. Tooth Powder. "All tooth powders, or anything that has a grit will,
with the friction of the brush, scour loose from the enamel of the teeth;
and this is far superior to any of them in every respect.

Soap tree bark 1 pound
Turpentine 2 ounces
Powdered orris root 2 ounces
Alkanet root 1/2 ounce

Diluted alcohol, half water, sufficient to make the whole into one gallon.
Let it stand in an earthen jar to macerate for fourteen days; stir
occasionally, then strain and filter through filtering paper. The alcohol
will have no injurious effect. This is an excellent tooth remedy."

4. Tooth Wash. "One teaspoonful of boracic acid in a pint of boiling

Tincture Myrrh 1/2 teaspoonful
Spirits of Camphor 1/2 teaspoonful
Essence of Peppermint 1/2 teaspoonful

Use in the water in which you brush your teeth. Let boracic acid water
cool, then add last three ingredients."

5. Tooth Powder. "Precipitated chalk four ounces, pulverized sugar two
ounces, powdered myrrh one ounce, pulverized orris root one ounce. Mix and
sift through fine bolting cloth. This is fine."

6. Tooth Powder, Commonly Used.

"Precipitated Chalk 12 drams
Rose Pink 2 drams
Carbonate of Magnesia 1 dram
Oil of Rose 5 drops

Mix all well together and after using it you will find the following
mouth-wash fine for rinsing out the mouth."

Antiseptic Mouth Wash.

"Boric Acid 10 grains
Resorcin 4 grains
Salol 2 grains
Thymol 1/2 dram
Glycerin 1/2 dram
Pure water 1 ounce

This sweetens and cleanses the mouth."

7. Tooth Powder, Simple and Unsurpassed.

Cream of Tartar, powdered 3 ounces
Cochineal 1 dram
Alum, powdered 4 drams
Myrrh 1 dram
Cinnamon 1 ounce
Sugar 1 ounce

Mix and pass through a sieve. This is a preparation that has no superior
for cleaning, preserving and whitening the teeth.

PHYSICIANS' TREATMENT for Toothache. 1. Chloretone dissolved in oil of
cloves and applied on a cotton wad is very good for toothache.

2. Creosote. Put on a piece of cotton and put this in the hollow tooth.

3. Toothache in an ulcerated or hollow tooth, caused from wet feet, etc.
Take a hot foot bath and drink a hot lemonade, hot ginger, or hot
pennyroyal tea, and go to bed and take a good sweat. Aching tooth needs
the care of a dentist. It pays to retain your natural teeth in good shape.


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