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Category: Diseases of The Nervous System

This may occur as a sick headache or be simply a
nervous headache: This occurs oftenest in a nervous person, or in persons
who are run down by different causes, such as diseases, overwork, worry,
trouble, etc. It is not periodic, and has no fixed type, but breaks out at
indefinite intervals, and is excited by almost any special cause such as
motions, mental exertions, menses, excitement, overdoing, over-visiting,
want of sleep. It is often due to eye strain in persons who have poorly
fitted, or who do not wear glasses. It appears in any part of the head,
usually one-sided, or it may be all over the head, which feels enlarged
and sometimes as if a band was around it. The least mental effort makes it
worse. Sometimes there is a feeling as if a nail was being driven into the
head; head is too big; eyes feel heavy and the lids droop; sees double;
hard to keep eyes open. This kind of headache, or sick-headache, can be
brought on suddenly by womb trouble, especially if the womb has fallen
from a jar, fall, etc. The patient often moans and cries, laments and
simply cannot stand thc pain. In some cases the menses cause it, and it
appears at every menstrual period.

Treatment. The patient should be quiet and remain in bed in a darkish
room. Womb troubles and other diseases that cause it such as protruding
piles, etc., should be attended to. Tincture gelsemium is a good remedy.
Put ten drops in a glass half full of water, and take two teaspoonfuls
every half hour until better. A tea made from lady's slipper is also
effective in some cases, used freely. Bromide of potash in ten-grain doses
one-half hour apart, for three doses, if necessary, is quieting in many
attacks. Mustard plaster to back of the neck.


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