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NOSEBLEED. Mothers' Remedies

Category: Respiratory Diseases

1. Nosebleed; remedy sent us by a Public
School Teacher. "Make a compress of paper soaked in cold water; put it
under the upper lip and have the patient press the lip with the fingers.
Remarks. Tried with success in many cases by a school teacher." By
putting under the lip and pressing on it, you press on an artery and stop
bleeding. Be careful to use nothing but white paper, as ink or colors
would come out when wet.

2. Nosebleed, Alum as a cure for. "Apply cold water to face and back of
neck; snuff powdered alum." The powdered alum contracts the blood vessels,
thereby shutting off the supply of blood. The cold water applied to the
back of the neck affects the nervous system in such a manner that the
blood vessels are contracted and so the blood supply is diminished.

3. Nosebleed; Remedy that succeeded in a severe case. "Put pieces of ice
in cloth. Lay a piece each side of the nose and on the back of the neck.
Remarks. My neighbor's daughter had nosebleed which refused to stop until
they were much frightened but this treatment soon stopped it, after which
she rested quietly for a time,"

4. Nosebleed, Simple Remedy for. "Place the finger on the side of the
nose tight for ten or fifteen minutes. My mother has stopped her nose from
bleeding when other remedies failed." This shuts off the circulation and
helps to form a clot.

5. Nosebleed, Another Home Remedy for. "Hold the head back as far as
possible, press up the end of the nose with the end of the finger." Best
to lie on the side so blood will not run down the throat and choke the

6. Nosebleed, Puff-Ball for. "Find an old brown puff-ball from the
ground, pick out the soft inside part and put it in nose and let remain
for some time."

7. Nosebleed, Vinegar and Water for. "Wet a cloth in very cold water or
strong cold water and vinegar and apply to back of neck, renewing as it
gets warm. Have seen this tried and know it to be good."


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