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ONION (Allium Cepa)

Category: Medical Uses of Some Common Household Articles

It is supposed that the onion is a native of
Hungary. It is now found over the whole civilized world. It contains a
white, acrid, volatile oil holding sulphur in solution, albumen, much
uncrystallizable sugar and mucilage, phosphoric acid both free and
combined with lime, citrate of lime. The Spanish onion contains a large
proportion of sulphur and thus may be satisfactorily used in those cases
where sulphur is needed. The action of the volatile oil enhances that of
sulphur. Spanish onion boiled and eaten freely at bed-time is an excellent
laxative. Moderately used the onion increases the appetite, promotes
digestion, but in large quantities it causes flatulence, uneasiness in the
stomach and bowels. The juice mixed with sugar is useful in cough, colds,
and croup where there is little inflammation. Roasted or split it is
excellent as a local application in croup, tonsilitis and earache. Boiling
deprives the onion of its essential oil.

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