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PERIPROCTITIS. Abscess Around the Anus and Rectum)

Category: Digestive Organs

This is an inflammation of the tissues around the rectum
which usually terminates in the above named abscess. It occurs mostly in
middle-aged people. Men are affected more often than women.

Causes. Sitting in cold, damp hard seats; horseback riding, foreign
bodies in the rectum such as pins, fish-hooks, etc., blows on the part,
kicks, tubercular constitution, etc.

Symptoms. Inflammation of the skin, like that of a big boil, some fever,
throbbing pain, swelling of the part, heat and fullness in the rectum,
these symptoms increase until the pus finds an outlet into the rectum.

PHYSICIANS' TREATMENT for Periproctitis. Little can be done in a
palliative way. It generally terminates in an abscess. Make the patient as
comfortable as possible, by applying cold or hot things to the part, rest
in bed, mild laxatives to keep the bowels open. Cut it open as soon as
possible, and it should be laid wide open, so that every part is broken
up. Then it should be thoroughly washed and scraped out. Sometimes it is
necessary to use pure carbolic acid to burn out the interior. The dressing
should be as usual for such wounds and removed when soiled and the wound
washed out with boiled water and then gauze loosely placed in the bottom
and in every corner of the wound. The dressing should be continued until
all has been healed from inside out. Be sure to leave no cotton in to heal
over it. Such patients should be built up with nourishing foods, and
should remain quietly in bed. Cod liver oil is good for some patients.
Iron, etc., for others. Keep the bowels regular. Outdoor life and
exercise. If treated right it should not return.

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