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PHYSICIANS' TREATMENT for Bleeding of the Wind-pipe and Lungs

Category: Respiratory Diseases

In many
cases the bleeding is slight and no more need be done than to keep the
patient quiet and absolute rest. If the bleeding is free, the patient
should be placed in bed, not allowed to speak above a whisper nor to
change his position.

1. First Thing to Do. Eating ice, and using ice drinks are useful
measures. The drinking of a little salt water at a time with one
tablespoonful of salt in a glassful of water is good. In most cases more
can be done by assuring the patient he will not die and keeping him quiet
and at rest. Medicines should be given to satisfy the patient and family.
The most cases stop of themselves.

2. If Caused by Coughing. If cough causes the bleeding one-half grain of
opium should be given to control it, hypodermically, or even morphine
one-eighth grain.

3. Alum for. Alum solution six grains to three ounces of water in fine
spray is good. This goes right to the wind-pipe and contracts the vessels;
use a vaporizer.

4. White Oak Bark Tea can be used as a spray in a vaporizer. If these
produce coughing, they should be discontinued.

5. Hot Water and Salt for. A teaspoonful of salt in a pint of hot water
is good also, used as a spray, or to inhale. But the patient must lie

6. Other Easily Obtained Remedies. Ergot in dose of one-half to one
teaspoonful is very good; this contracts the vessels. Bromide of potash in
a dose of five to fifteen grains; or chloral hydrate in dose of five to
seven grains, if there is not heart trouble. If there is, chloral hydrate
cannot be used. These quiet the nervous system and do much good. Strong
hop tea will do the same thing if taken freely. Witch-hazel water thirty
drops at a dose is good.

Cautions. Quiet the patient; keep quiet yourself. If the bleeding is bad
the extremities should be bandaged, beginning at the toes and fingers.

Thirst. Give small quantities at a time of ice-water.

Diet. Peptonized or plain milk, liquid beef peptonoids, fresh beef juice,
bouillon, should be given in small quantities, two or three ounces every
two or three hours. If there is a tendency to constipation give rectal
enemata. Return to the regular diet as soon as possible. Alcohol in any
form is best avoided. If given as a stimulant it should be given in small

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