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Category: Respiratory Diseases

If the patient is run down, give
tonics, plenty of fresh air and sunshine in the sleeping room, change of
climate to a dry, unchangeable climate is sometimes necessary.

Local. Attend to any disturbing cause, such as adenoids, spurs on the
partition, turbinate bone, etc. It is first necessary to render the parts
clean, through the use of some mild antiseptic solution, such as
glyco-thymoline, listerine, borolyptol, salt, etc. Salt should not be used
stronger than one-quarter teaspoonful in a glass half full of water. The
others can be used in one to two teaspoonfuls, to same amount of warm
water. The solution should always be mild and warm. To use any solution
pour it gently through the nose, tilting the head backward, with the mouth
open; then as the solution flows through the head should be put forward
and downward. The solution flows out of the mouth, and also out of the
other nostril. A nasal douche cup made purposely should be used if

1. Spray for. After cleansing the nostrils with the solution the
following soothing mild spray will be found of great benefit.

Menthol 5 grains
Camphor 5 grains
Liquid Alboline 2 ounces

Mix and make a solution. Use in an atomizer or nebulizer.

2. Powders for. Antiseptic powders are also very useful in some cases,
such as, compound stearate of zinc and boric acid, or compound stearate of
zinc and alum or compound stearate of zinc and menthol. One or two drams
is enough to buy at once as it is very light; always use it in a powder in
the following way:

First take a long breath and while holding the breath, puff some of the
powder into each nostril; then gently puff the breath out through each
nostril. Do not snuff powder up the nose or use the powder-blower while
breathing. If this is done, some will get into the pharynx and larynx and
cause annoying coughing.

3. Solution for.

Bicarbonate of soda 1/2 ounce
Borax 1/2 ounce
Salt 1/2 ounce
White sugar 1 ounce

Mix all. Half a teaspoonful to be dissolved in one-half tumbler of warm
water; used with spray producer or a syringe.

4. Spray, for.

Bicarbonate of soda 1-1/2 drams
Listerine 6 drams
Water 1 ounce

Use as a spray.


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