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PHYSICIANS' TREATMENT for Cholera Infantum

Category: Digestive Organs

1. Washing out of the bowel
frequently by injection controls the diarrhea. Use water of a temperature
of 107. Elevate the tube about two feet above the bed, use one-half pint
at one time. As the half pint flows in disconnect the funnel attached to
the tube and the contents of the bowel are allowed to escape. Then allow
another one-half pint to flow in. Some may escape and this is not an
unfavorable sign. Keep on until a quart is given. This treatment is to
wash and clean out the gut and stimulate the heart. The salt solution
should be used, if necessary. Give only two daily.

2. For Vomiting. Wash out the stomach through a tube or by giving a great
deal of water.

3. Subcarbonate of bismuth for the vomiting and straining; two or three
grains in powder every two or three hours. If there is much colicky pain,
add one-half grain of salol to the bismuth powder.

4. Castor oil; one teaspoonful may be needed if the bowels have any fecal
matter in them.

5. Mustard poultice or spice poultice on the belly is useful.

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