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Category: Respiratory Diseases

Active. 1. Dr. Douglas says wring cloths
out of cold water and apply very freely to the throat, and recommends the
following syrup:

Syrup of Ipecac 3 fluid drams
Hive Syrup 4 fluid drams
Water 1-1/2 ounces

Mix, and give one teaspoonful every half hour until the child vomits, then
repeat the dose every two hours as needed.

2. Place the child in a hot bath, wrap hot or cold cloths about the throat
and put one teaspoonful of common soda in a glass of water and give one
teaspoonful every fifteen minutes until relieved.

3. Dr. Holt of New York, says. The room should be very warm, hot cloths
or poultices should be applied over the throat (Adam's apple and below)
and either a croup kettle or ordinary teakettle kept boiling in the room.
This is more efficacious if the child is placed in a tent made by a raised
umbrella or some like method with a sheet thrown over it, and the steam
introduced beneath the tent. If the symptoms' are urgent ten drops of the
syrup of ipecac should be given every fifteen minutes until free vomiting

Whenever the symptoms reach a point where the breathing becomes difficult,
a doctor should be summoned without delay. It might be some other disease.

4. Home Treatment. One-half teaspoonful of alum mixed with molasses or
honey will produce vomiting and help. This is very good when the croup is
due to indigestion. At the same time, fry onions in lard and put them on
the neck in front, or hot wet cloths may do. The alum can be given once or
twice if necessary, half an hour apart, about in one-fourth or one-half
the first dose.

5. Goose grease, or lard dissolved, and enough given to produce vomiting
will do good. This idea is not only to cause vomiting but to cause a sick
feeling after and at that time, which will cause the spasms to relax. A
very good thing to do in addition is to put the child's feet in hot water,
while local applications are put on the throat. These things tend to relax
the muscles and this relieves the spasm.

6. Steam is Very Useful. It relaxes the spasm by local contact and by
producing general sweating. Cover the child's head and a pitcher with a
shawl and inhale the steam from the boiling water in pitcher. You can put
in the pitcher one teaspoonful of oil of tar or one to two teaspoonfuls of
tincture of benzoin. This can be kept up for some time.

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