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Category: Respiratory Diseases

1. Rest of the voice and if the
case is severe keep in bed in a room with an even temperature and the air
saturated with moisture from a steaming teakettle, etc.

2. An ice bag on the throat or cold water cloths to the front of the
throat often give relief.

3. Tincture of Aconite. This is given in the beginning when there is
fever. The dose depends upon the age, and the amount of fever. You can
give it to a child by putting one drop of aconite in twelve teaspoonfuls
of water and then give one teaspoonful every one to three hours according
to the case. For an adult you can put ten drops of aconite in ten
teaspoonfuls of water and give one teaspoonful every hour or two.

4. Citrate of Potash is given every four to five hours in adults.

5. Full dose of five grains of Dover's powders at night for the irritating

6. For a cough, for a child one year old you can give one-half
teaspoonful, every two hours, of the following:--

Syrup of Dover's powder 1 fluid dram
Tincture of Aconite 10 drops
Simple syrup Enough to make two ounces

Shake before using.

TICKLING IN THROAT. Mothers' Remedies. Mullein Leaf Smoke Beneficial
for. "Smoke dried mullein leaves, just a few puffs are needed, and should
be drawn into the throat. Myron H. Grinnel of Albion, Mich., says his
grandmother always gathers mullein leaves for this purpose and finds them
an excellent remedy. Too much would cause dizziness." Mullein leaves are
good for inflamed membranes like the ear and throat. If a person does not
wish to gather the leaves themselves they may buy them at a drug store.

2. Tickling in Throat, Good Northern Canada Remedy for. "Chew some of the
bark of slippery elm and gargle the throat with saliva. This stops
tickling in a few minutes."

3. Tickling in Throat, Tested Gargle for. "Gargle from four to six times
daily with following:--

Strong Sage Tea 1 pint
Salt 2 tablespoonfuls
Cayenne Pepper 2 tablespoonfuls
Vinegar 2 tablespoonfuls
Honey 2 tablespoonfuls

Mix thoroughly and bottle for use."

The above ingredients are all excellent for sore throat and it is an old
tried remedy and can easily be obtained. If it is too strong dilute with
warm water to the desired strength.

SWELLING OF THE GLOTTIS. (Oedematous Laryngitis. Oedma of the

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