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Category: Respiratory Diseases

1. Inhalation of steam either with
or without medicine is good. (See treatment of tonsilitis-Inhaling steam)
I treated a man once who had a terrific pharyngitis, All the parts were so
terribly swollen, that he was unable to swallow or talk. I induced him to
inhale steam from a teakettle. He was able to put his mouth over the spout
of the kettle and he was relived in a few minutes. I think it saved his
life. I put no medicine in the water for that case. Very few persons can
inhale the steam directly from the kettle. Other method is given under
tonsilitis. A dose of salts at first is good. Remain in the house for a
few days.

2. Sulphur and Cream for. Mix some sulphur with cream and put some of it
on the sore membrane.

3. Good Old Mother's Remedy. "Steep a medium sized red pepper in one-half
pint of water, strain and add one-fourth pint of good vinegar and a
heaping teaspoonful each of salt and powdered alum and gargle with it as
often as needed. This is a very good remedy."

1. Physicians' Local Treatment. A wet compress on the neck is useful at
the onset. Sucking ice or gargling with ice or cold water, or applying an
ice bag to the throat will be found useful.

Later on, warm gargles and steam inhalation are more grateful. If there is
great pain in swallowing, cocaine painted on the throat or sucking a
cocaine lozenge before taking food will be found very useful.

2. When the attack is mild medicine may not be needed. When there is fever
and the throat is real sore, you can use one drop doses of tincture of
aconite every hour. This will frequently check it.

3. I like the following at the beginning. Give tincture of aconite and
mercury biniodide, called the pink tablet, alternately. Put ten drops of
the aconite in one-half glass of water and give from one-half to two
teaspoonfuls everyone or two hours, alternating with one or two tablets of
one-hundred grain tablet of mercury biniodide. After the first twenty-four
hours stop the acoite and give the mercury biniodide every three hours.

4. For Chronic Catarrh remaining after, lozenges containing rhatany or
tannin are useful.

5. Other gargles.

Menthol 3 to 5 grains
Camphor 2 to 4 grains
Liquid paraffine 1 ounce

For irritable and catarrhal conditions of nasal membrane use a spray.

8. Snuff.-

Hydrochloride of Cocaine 1 grains
Menthol 1 grain
Sugar of Milk 2 drams

Mix very thoroughly.

When using the Menthol preparation do not use the preparation very hot.

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