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PHYSICIANS' TREATMENT of Child Crowing. Preventive

Category: Respiratory Diseases

The gums should be
carefully examined and if they are swollen and hot they should be lanced.
The bowels should be carefully regulated, and as these children are
usually of a delicate nature and afflicted with rickets, nourishing food
and the treatment in diet and medicine should be given for rickets. Cod
liver oil is a good general remedy. (See rickets).

Cold Sponging. In severe cases, the child should be placed in a warm bath
tub and the back and chest thoroughly sponged for a minute or two with
cold water. This plan may be used even when a child is in a paroxysm,
though the attack is severe and the child looks blue, it is much better
than to dash cold water in the face. Sometimes the attack can be stopped
by introducing the finger far back into the throat.

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