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PHYSICIANS' TREATMENT. What to do during the Attack of Epilepsy

Category: Diseases of The Nervous System

the patient from injuring himself, loosen the clothing, take off the
collar or anything tight about the neck. Place a cork or spool or
tooth-brush handle between the teeth to keep the patient from biting his
tongue, but attach a stout cord to the object and hold it in that way.

Preventive and general treatment. In the case of children the parents
should be made to understand that in the great majority of cases epilepsy
is incurable. The patients need firm but kind treatment. It does not
render a person incapable of following some occupations. "Julius Caesar
and Napoleon were subjects of epilepsy." The disease causes gradual
impairment of the mind, and if such patients become extremely irritable or
show signs of violence, they should be placed under supervision in an
asylum. A person with this disease should not marry.

Diet. Give the patient a light diet at regular hours, and the stomach
should never be overloaded. There are cases in which meat is injurious,
and it should not be eaten more than once a day and at noon time. A
vegetable diet seems best. The patient should not go to sleep until the
digestion is completed in the stomach.

Causes. Should be removed if possible. Circumcision should be done,
especially in the young. In case of a female child the "hood of the
clitoris" should be kept free. Undue mental and physical excitement should
be avoided. Systematic exercise should be taken. Baths in cold water in
the morning, if possible, as the skin should be in good working condition.

Medicines. The bromides are the best, and should always be given under
proper supervision of a physician or nurse.

Caution. I wish to add that parents should always attend to the seemingly
harmless "fits" in their young children. It will not do to say they are
due to teething or worms. If they are, the worms at least can be treated
and that cause removed. They may be due to too tight opening in the penis.
If that opening is small, or if the foreskin is tight it will make the
child irritable and cause restless sleep. Attend to that immediately. The
same advice applies to female children. The "cover" of the "clitoris" may
be tight, making the little one nervous; loosen it. If your child keeps
its fingers rubbing its private organs there is reason for you to have the
parts examined and the cause removed as masturbation often starts in that
way. The parts itch and the child tries to stop the itching. These little
things often cause "big things" and I am sure "fits" can be stopped very
often by looking after the private organs in both sexes.

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