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Position of the Womb

Category: Obstetrics or Midwifery

At four months the top of the womb has risen above
the pelvic brim bone in front; at five months, it is midway between the
bone (pubic) and the navel; at six months, it is at the navel; at seven
months, it is four fingers breadths above the navel; at eight months, it
is midway between the navel and the bottom of the breast bone; at nine
months, it is to the breast bone; from the middle to the end of the ninth
month, the top of the womb sinks to about the position occupied at the
eighth month.

Twins occur about once in ninety to one hundred and twenty, triplets once
in one thousand eight hundred and seventy-five, and quadruplets once in
three hundred and seventy-one thousand one hundred and twenty-six
pregnancies. The causes are unknown. Twin conception is more common in
women who have borne children, and more so in the elderly than in the
young, first bearing women (primiparae).

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