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Category: Diseases of The Skin

An acute inflammatory disease of the sweat glands;
minute pimples and vesicles develop.

Symptoms. It occurs upon the body and consists of many pinhead sized
bright red pimples and vesicles which are very close together. It appears
suddenly, and is usually accompanied by much sweating and subsides in a
short time with slight scaling following. There is itching, tingling and
burning usually present.

Cause. Excessive heat in summer in children and weak people.

MOTHERS' REMEDIES. 1. Prickly Heat, Soda Water for. "Bathe with saleratus
(baking soda) water, dry carefully and apply good talcum powder freely."

2. Prickly Heat, Relief from pain of.

"Borax Powder 6 drams
Menthol 10 grains
Rose Water 6 ounces

Bathe the parts and between applications dust on lycopodium powder."

The borax powder will be found good to cover the parts and muriate of
morphia relieves the pain. The rose water is simply put in to dissolve the
other ingredients.

3. Prickly Heat, a Hamilton, Ontario, Mother Found Burnt Cornstarch good
for. "Dust with browned cornstarch. This acts like talcum powder and is
not so expensive."

4. Rash, Soothing Ointment for. l. "Make an ointment of one dram of boric
acid powder to one ounce of vaseline. First wash the affected parts with a
strong solution of saleratus, then apply the ointment and dust talcum
powder over this." The washing with saleratus is very important as this is
a good antiseptic and thoroughly cleanses the parts.

PHYSICIANS' TREATMENT for Prickly Heat. It disappears usually in a few
days. Tonics for the weak, light clothing, a light nourishing diet and
frequent cold bathing. Alcoholic drinks are prohibited. White oak bark tea
as a wash for the sweating, followed by dusting powders of starch,
oatmeal, and zinc oxide, etc.

MOTHERS' REMEDIES. 1. Chafing, Fuller's Earth Eases. "Wash parts well
with boracic acid water, then dust with fuller's earth," The boracic water
is cleansing and fuller's earth is very healing. This is a very simple but
effective remedy.

2. Chafing, Good Home Remedy for. "Usually all that is required is
washing the parts well with castile soap and cold water, and anointing
with plain vaselin," This remedy is always at hand, and is one to be
relied upon. Vaselin, as we all know, is very healing.

3. Chafing, Borax and Zinc Stops. "Wash parts frequently with cold water
and use the following solution:

Pure Water 2 gills
Powdered Borax 1 teaspoonful
Sulphate of Zinc 1/2 teaspoonful

Apply by means of a soft rag several times daily. After drying the parts
well, dust with wheat flour, corn starch or powdered magnesia;"

The above combination is excellent as the water cleanses the parts and the
borax and zinc are very soothing and healing.

4. Chafing, Common Flour good to stop. "Burn common wheat flour until
brown. Tie in rag and dust chafed parts."

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