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Category: Kidney and Bladder

This is an inflammation of the pelvis of the kidney and may be
caused by bacteria from the blood, or by ascending pus, infection or
tuberculous infection from the lower tracts like the ureter, bladder and

Symptoms. There is pain in the back, with tenderness and pressure,
cloudy-looking urine, either acid or alkaline, containing pus, mucus, and
sometimes red blood cells; chills, high fever, and sweating occur. This
may become chronic and then it becomes quite serious. Anemia and
emaciation are then marked. Mild cases usually recover; pus cases may end
in other diseases or death from exhaustion.

Treatment. Diet. In mild cases fluids should be taken freely,
particularly the alkaline mineral water to which citrate of potash can be
added. Tonics should be given when called for, and milk diet and
buttermilk may be taken freely. When a tumor has formed, and even before,
it is perceptible, if the symptoms are serious and severe, an operation
may be necessary.

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