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Category: Diseases of The Eye and Ear

The aqueous humor completely fills the anterior and
posterior chambers of the eyeball. The anterior chamber is the space
bounded in front by the cornea; behind by the front of the iris. The
posterior chamber is a narrow chink between the peripheral part of the
iris, the "suspensory ligament" of the lens and the "ciliary processes."

The vitreous body forms about four-fifths of the entire globe, It fills
the concavity of the retina and is hollowed in front, forming a deep
cavity, for the reception of the lens. It is perfectly transparent and of
the consistency of thin jelly. The fluid from the vitreous body resembles
nearly pure water. The crystalline lens enclosed in its capsule is
situated immediately behind the pupil, in front of the vitreous body. The
lens is a transparent, double-convex body. It is more convex on the
posterior than on the anterior surface. The rays of light go through this
body and converge to a point at the back of the retina.


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