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Category: Diseases of The Eye and Ear

Both lines of sight are not directed towards the
same object of fixation.

Internal or Convergent Squint. Where one eye is turned inward toward the

External or Divergent Squint. One eye turns outward toward the temple.
Squinting upward and downward are uncommon.

Causes of Convergent (Internal) Squint. It generally appears between two
and five years; at first periodically, later constantly. The patient is
generally far-sighted.

Treatment. Internal squint in very young children may be treated by
covering the well eye and forcing the child to use the other. When the
child is old enough, proper glasses should be worn. Operation can be done
when needed and is generally successful.

External (Divergent) Squint. This may appear at any age and is often
associated with near-sightedness. An operation is necessary and the
tendons on both sides must generally be cut and properly placed. Parents
should always attend to a child who has this trouble. The operation is not
difficult to perform and it will not only, as a rule, give the child good
sight, but better looks. Parents who are able to have an operation or
glasses fitted when needed, and who neglect their children, should be
punished; they are guilty not only of neglect, but cruelty.

MOTHERS' REMEDIES. Inflammation of the Eye. 1. Chickweed a Relief for.
"The juice of chickweed is good for inflammation of the eyes, when dropped
into them."

2. Inflammation of Eyes, Sassafras, Excellent Remedy for. "Take sassafras
bark and make into a tea. Apply this externally to the eyes, and it will
be found very beneficial for this trouble." This is a very good remedy, on
account of its oily soothing nature.

3. Inflammation of Eyes, Tried Remedy for.

Boric Acid 10 grams
Camphor Water (not spirits) 1/2 ounce
Water 1/2 ounce

Apply this with a soft cloth.

This trouble usually results from or is associated with constitutional
disease and requires treatment for same, but the above wash is good for
local applications. This prescription was given me by an oculist."

4. Inflammation of Eyes, Common Potato Will Cure. "Scrape raw potato and
apply to the temple until relieved." This helps to draw the blood away and
relieves the inflammation.

5. Inflammation of Eyes, Milk Curd Relieves. "Make a curd of sweet milk;
that is, set it on the stove till it forms a curd; then add quite a little
alum and wash eyes." The milk is very soothing and the alum acts as an
astringent. Care should be taken in using this remedy that none of the
mixture gets into the eyes.

6. Inflammation of Eyes, Wild Hairs Cause. "A few years ago, I had
trouble with my eyes. They felt as though there was something in them
scratching the eye-ball. I went to an eye specialist, and he gave me two
little vials of medicine to drop into my eyes six times a day. I doctored
with him several months, and while the medicine reduced the inflammation
largely, it did not relieve the scratching sensation in the eyes. Then I
was away from home for about ten days and did not use the medicine, and
when I returned my eyes were very much inflamed, and very painful. I
visited the doctor again, and he said I had a little ulcer on the eyeball,
and he pulled out several hairs or winkers from the eyelid. I asked him if
wild hairs were the cause of the ulcer and he admitted they were. After a
few days' more treatment by the doctor I learned of a neighbor who
understood a little about wild hairs in the eyelid and had him examine my
eyes. He pulled out more wild hairs, and my eyes got well. Ever since
then, when my eyes begin to hurt me as though there was some foreign
substance in them, I go to my neighbor and he pulls out the wild hairs,
and that was the trouble with my eyes. My experience in obtaining this
knowledge cost me twenty dollars in fees to the eye specialist, which I
could have saved by going to my neighbor at first,"

MOTHERS' REMEDIES. Sore Eyes. 1. Rose Leaves Rest. "Steep rose leaves
and apply often." Apply the leaves as a fomentation and relief will soon
follow. This is very soothing and very easily applied.

2. Sore Eyes, Soothing Remedy for. "Use a wash of borax and water.
One-half teaspoonful to a cupful of water." This is very good.

3. Sore Eyes. Slippery Elm Excellent for. "This is a very soothing
dressing far the eyes. You can buy a small package of the slippery elm at
any drug store, and prepare it by making a tea and using externally.

4. Sore Eyes, Common Remedy for. "Use a wash night and morning of common
table salt and water." This is often sold by druggists for 10 or 15 cents
an ounce under a medical name.

5. Sore Eyes, Elder Berry Flowers Relieve. "In a severe case of
inflammation of the eyes apply a poultice of elderberry flowers; bathe the
eyes with warm water and witch-hazel." This remedy was given by a mother
who tried it a great many times and always had success.

6. Sore Eyes. Borax and Camphor Good Wash for. "Borax one teaspoonful,
spirits of camphor fifteen drops, distilled water one-half cupful. This
makes a fine wash for sore eyes, and is perfectly harmless."

7. Sore Eyes, Tested Eye Wash for.

"Hydrastis (Golden Seal Root) 1/2 ounce
Best Green Tea 1/2 ounce
Sulphate of Zinc, Pulverized 1 dram

Steep the root and tea for a few minutes in a pint of boiling water; while
cooling add the sulphate of zinc; when cold strain well and bottle. Use as
an eye wash three times a day. In severe cases a poultice is useful, made
of pulverized slippery elm and warm milk and water. All eye washes should
be used with caution and especially those containing belladonna or caustic

8. Sore Eyes, Borate of Soda and Camphor Water Relieves.

"Borate of Soda 2 grains
Camphor Water (not spirits) 1 ounce

Mix, drop one or two drops in the eye four times a day.

Camphor water is made by allowing the gum to dissolve in water instead of
alcohol, also saturate lint in this mixture and apply on the eyes."


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