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Category: Diseases of The Skin

When severe, sunburn may present the symptoms of inflammation of
the skin. Then there will be redness, swelling and pain followed by deep
discoloration of the skin.

MOTHERS' REMEDIES for Sunburn. 1. Lemon Juice and Vinegar for. "An
application of the juice of a lemon or vinegar."

2. Sunburn, Ammonia Water for. "Ammonia will remove sunburn in one
night." Care should be taken in using this remedy. The ammonia should be
diluted half with water and not used too often.

3. Sunburn, Relief from Pain and Smarting of. "Benzoated zinc ointment or
vaselin applied to the affected parts is sure to give relief and avoid
much pain and smarting."

4. Sunburn, Preparation for. "I have found nothing better than
mentholatum." Mentholatum is simply a mixture of vaselin or cosmolin and
menthol. They are both very healing, and will be found beneficial.

PHYSICIANS' TREATMENT for Sunburn. Soothing ointments and dusting powders
are generally sufficient for sunburn. Talcum powder (Mennen's borated),
rice powder, oatmeal powders are good and healing. The following are good:

1. Oxide of Zinc Powder 1/2 ounce
Powdered Camphor 1-1/2 dram
Powdered Starch 1 ounce

Mix. Dust on the parts.

2. Powdered Starch 1 ounce
Powdered Camphor 1 dram

Well mixed and applied is soothing to the parts.

3. The following is a good combination:

Carbonate of Lead 1 dram
Powdered Starch 1 dram
Ointment of Rose Water 1 ounce
Olive Oil 2 drams

Mix and apply to the inflamed skin.


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