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Category: Digestive Organs

Diabetes, melancholy, insanity, old age, paralysis, lead
poisoning and some troubles of local origin, like fissure of the rectum,
ulceration, stricture and polypus.

Symptoms. Headache, inattention to business, loss of memory, melancholy,
sallow complexion, indigestion, loss of appetite, nervous symptoms.
Spasmodic muscular contraction of the external sphincter. The bowel
contents press upon it; spasm of this sphincter muscle is frequently
brought on by the presence of a crack in the mucous membrane, caused by
injury inflicted during expulsion of hardened feces. Instead of aiding a
bowel movement, the muscles now present an obstruction beyond control of
the will and aggravate the condition. The most frequent cause of disease
of the rectum is constipation and anyone of the following local diseases
of the rectum and anus may be a symptom of constipation. (1) Fissure or
crack of the anus. (2) Ulceration. (3) Hemorrhoids (piles). (4) Prolapse
(falling). (5) Neuralgia. (6) Proctitis and periproctitis.

Fissure of the anus is a common local symptom of constipation. The feces
accumulate when the bowels do not move for a few days, the watery portion
is absorbed; they become dry, hard, lumpy, and very difficult to expel,
frequently making a rent (tear) in the mucous membrane and resulting
eventually in an irritable fissure. Ulceration of the rectum and the
sigmoid (part of the bowel) is a symptom of persistent constipation,
because the pressure exerted upon the nourishing blood vessels by the
fecal mass causes local death of the tissues.

Hemorrhoids (Piles) may be produced by constipation in several ways; first
by obstruction to the return of the venous (dark) blood. Second, by venous
engorgement (filling up) of the hemorrhoidal veins during violent and
prolonged straining at stool. Third, as a result of the general looseness
of the tissues in those suffering from constipation.

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