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SUNSTROKE. Heat Stroke, Thermic (heat) Fever

Category: Intoxicants and Sun Strokes

This occurs in persons
chiefly who, while working very hard are exposed to the sun. Soldiers who
are marching with their heavy accoutrements are very liable to be
attacked. In large cities the most of the cases are confined to workmen
who are much exposed and at the same time, have been drinking beer and

Symptoms. The patient may be struck down and die very soon with symptoms
of failure of the heart, difficult breathing and coma. This kind is most
frequent in soldiers. In ordinary cases there may be failure to perspire,
premonitory headache, dizziness, sometimes nausea and vomiting, colored or
poor sight (vision); insensibility follows, which may be temporary or
increased deep coma. The face is flushed, the skin is dry and hot, the
pupils are temporarily dilated, then usually greatly contracted, the pulse
is rapid and full, and the temperature ranges from 107 to 110 degrees or
higher. The breathing is deep, labored and snoring (stortorous). Usually
there is complete muscular relaxation, with twitchings, jerkings, or very
rarely convulsions may occur. In fatal cases, coma (deep sleep) deepens,
the pulse becomes more frequent and feeble, the breathing becomes more
hurried, shallow and irregular and death may occur within twenty-four to
thirty-six hours. In others, the consciousness returns, the temperature
falls, the pulse and breathing become normal and recovery may be complete
or leave bad results. The patient may be predisposed to future attacks or
suffer from weakness or headache, and disturbance of the mind when ever
the weather is warm.

Prognosis. The death rate is higher when treatment is delayed, and when
alcohol has been used as a beverage.

MOTHER'S REMEDY. Sunstroke, Quick Method to Relieve. "Apply alternately
hot and cold applications to forehead and base of the brain or back of the
neck, place the feet in warm mustard water, and apply mustard to the
stomach and calves of legs. This remedy was tried by my brother's wife,
who is a trained nurse. She says it is very effective," The hot and cold
applications help to draw the blood from the brain. Placing feet in warm
mustard water will help to give relief.

Treatment. Avoid exposure and alcohol. For a mild case--Rest in a cool
place, cool sponging, aromatic spirits ammonia or strychnine if needed for
the prostration.

For severe cases. The temperature must be reduced as rapidly as possible.
Pack the patient in a bath of ice. Rubbing the body with ice is an
excellent procedure to lower the temperature rapidly. Ice water enemata
(injections in bowel) may also be employed. If ice cannot be obtained
strip the patient and sprinkle him with water until the temperature is
reduced. Use a thermometer to see it does not go too low. Ice cap or cold
water to the head. Keep working for hours.

Medicine. Glonoin, 1/100 to 1/200 grain is of help in severe cases.


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