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Symptoms of a Snake Bite

Category: Accidents, Emergencies and Poisons

The symptoms are similar in bites of poisonous
snakes. Pain in the wound, slight at first, but becoming more severe, with
rapid swelling and spotted discoloration in the vicinity of the wound.
Symptoms of heart and lung depression soon show themselves by feeble and
fluttering pulse, faintness, cold sweating, mental distress, nausea and
vomiting and labored breathing. Death may occur very soon in intense
poisoned cases, but more frequently the struggle extends over a number of

Treatment. First thing to do. When the bite is on a limb, tie the limb
above the bite toward the body and twist the ligature so tight that the
circulation is cut off, or checked. Then cut the wound open very freely.
When the bite is on the body, make a free cut, and when this cannot be
done suck the wound vigorously, which can done without danger, if there
are no cracks or abrasions of the lips or mouth, as the poison is harmless
when taken into a well mouth. If a hot iron is at hand apply it freely
within the wound and this may take the place of the knife or suction. Salt
put in the cut wound will be of help, or fill the wound with permanganate
of potash and inject a solution of the same, diluted three-quarters with
water, around the wound. Strychnine one-fifteenth of a grain every two
hours until the symptoms are better. This is not given until the symptoms
of snake poisoning have shown themselves.

If such agents are not at hand, brandy or whisky should be given freely.
The pulse will show when the patient has had enough.

Bite. "My son had his hand bitten by a dog and it was over a week before
it was brought to my notice. The sore was then filled with green pus and
the pain went up to his jaw, so we were afraid of lockjaw. I had him
cleanse it thoroughly in a basin of warm saleratus water, then filled and
thickly covered it with black pepper. The pain stopped almost instantly.
It seems as though pepper would smart a cut terribly, but it does not."
This is a good remedy and worth trying. The black pepper did not smart the
wound because the flesh was dead.

2. Bites, Tobacco Good for Dog. "Immediately wash the parts with clear
water; then take leaf or cut tobacco and bind over the part bitten,
changing it two or three times a day for a week. This effectually absorbs
the poison. It is a good prevention of any future trouble."

3. Bites, Ammonia Good for Insect. "Rub the affected parts with ammonia,
which will draw out the poison. For mosquito bites have often used baking
soda. This always gives relief and is very cooling."

4. Bites, Baking Soda for Insect. "Cover the affected parts with baking
soda and keep moist." A mud poultice is an old tried remedy.

5. Bites, Hartshorn Old Time Remedy for. "Apply hartshorn or spirits of
ammonia to part which neutralizes the formic acid, the active principle of
the poison." This is an old-time remedy and will always give relief if
applied immediately.

6. Bites, Carbolic Acid Draws Poison from. "Bathe frequently in a weak
solution of carbolic acid." The carbolic acid is a very good remedy and
seldom fails to cure, but if you do not happen to have the acid, use
vinegar, and it will have practically the same effect.

7. Bites, Alum and Vinegar Good Remedy for. "Alum and vinegar. Purchase
five cents' worth of powdered alum and dissolve in a pint of vinegar and
apply freely. This is a very good remedy."

8. Bites, Salt Water for Mosquito. "Take salt and water in a little dish
and keep wetting the bite for a few moments. This will soon destroy the
poison," This will be found a very simple but effective remedy, especially
in children or small babies, as we mothers all know how very annoying a
mosquito bite is to children. The salt water will remove all the poison
and at the same time relieve the itching and swelling. Care should be
taken not to make it too strong for a small baby.

9. Bites, Spirits of Ammonia for Snake. "Strong spirits of ammonia
applied to the wounds of snake bites or rabid animals is better than
caustic. It neutralizes the poison." Enough of the ammonia should be used
to irritate the parts. It is harmless treatment and should be used freely.


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