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Category: Animal Parasites

(Taenia Saginata). This is a larger and longer parasite
than the Pork Tape Worm. It is the common form found in this country. It
may grow fifteen to twenty feet or more and possesses a large head in
comparison with the Taenia Solium. It is square shaped and has four large
sucking disks, but no hooklets. The ripe segments are larger and they are
passed as in the Taemia Solium, and are eaten by cattle, in the flesh or
organs of which the eggs develop into the Cysticerci.

Symptoms. These worms (parasites) are found at all ages. They are not
uncommon in children, and may be found in nursing children. They may cause
excessive appetite, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or abdominal pain or
sometimes anemia. The knowledge of the presence of this worm may cause
great nervousness or depression. The presence of the segment in the stools
proves their presence in the bowels.

Treatment, preventive. This is most important. Careful attention should
be given to three points: First, all tapeworm segments should be burned.
They should never be thrown into the water-closet or outside; secondly,
special inspection of all meat; and, thirdly, cooking the meat
sufficiently to kill the parasites.

MOTHERS' REMEDIES. 1. Tape Worms, Pumpkin Seed Tea for. "One pint
pumpkin seeds skinned and steeped. Add water enough to make three
tumblers. Take one tumbler every half hour, then a good dose of castor
oil. The worm will come with oil. My mother helped prepare the seeds and
saw the tapeworm which came from a woman as a result of this dose."

2. Tape Worms, Another good Remedy for.

"Powdered Kamala 3 drams
Syrup simple 3 ounces

Two doses of this mixture hardly ever fails to bring the worm. Give oil
and turpentine two hours after the last dose." Of the oil and turpentine
an average dose would be a half ounce of castor oil and fifteen drops of

3. Tape Worm, Ontario Mother's Remedy for. "Don't eat until very hungry
(extremely so), then eat one-half pint of pumpkin seeds. This is good and
will remove the worm every time." This remedy is different from the above
in that you eat the seeds instead of making a tea.

4. Tape Worm, Successful Remedy for Children or Adult.

"Turpentine 15 drops
Castor Oil 1 teaspoonful
Milk 1 teacupful

Mix and for adult take at one dose. If not successful repeat the next day.
For child under ten years, one-half the quantity."

PHYSICIANS' TREATMENT. Preparing the Patient; Giving the Remedy, and
Receiving the Worm. Whenever a round or tape worm is to be attacked, the
patient must be starved for at least twelve to twenty-four hours, in order
that no food in the intestinal (bowel) tract may protect the worm from the
action of the drug. During this time a little milk can be given, and after
a night of fasting, before breakfast, the worm medicine (anthelmintic)
must be swallowed. In addition, nearly all the drugs must be followed by
purges in order to dislodge the intruder while he is paralyzed and has
lost his hold; and in many it is well to have a basin of salt and water
ready so that when a passage occurs a rectal injection may be given to
wash out the segments of the worm which remain in the rectum. I am giving
many remedies and the different ways of administering them. Not every one
can be cured with the same remedy. One will act better in some people than
in others. So I give a variety and they are all good.

1. For two days prior to the administration of the remedies the patient
should take a very light, diet and have the bowels moved by a saline
(salts) cathartic. As a rule the male fern acts promptly and well. The
etheral extract of male fern in two dram doses may be given; fast, and
follow in the course of a couple of hours by a brisk purgative; that is,
calomel followed by salts.

Fasting means this: Light diet for a day or two and a cathartic at night,
no supper except a glass of milk before the worm medicine is given. Then
at bed-time take two to three grains of calomel with ten grains of
bicarbonate of sodium; rochelle salts, one-half to one ounce, upon
awakening. As soon as the bowels have moved give oleorisin of aspidium,
one dram in capsules. A saline cathartic should be given one-half to one
hour later. Never give castor oil or any oil after this remedy, When
calomel is given it should be given about one hour after taking the worm
medicine and followed in one or one and one-half hours by a half to one
ounce of salts.

2. Pelletierine Remedy for. This comes in bottles of the proper dose. It
is dear, but effective. It must be taken lying down, and followed by some
cathartic or a dose of epsom salts in two hours after taking.

3. Infusion and Emulsion for. An infusion of

Pomegranate root 1/2 ounce
Pumpkin seeds 1 ounce
Powdered ergot 1 dram
Boiling water 10 ounces

To an emulsion of the male fern (a dram of the ethereal extract) made with
acacia powders, two drops of croton oil are added. The patient should have
had a low diet on the previous day and have taken a dose of salts in the

The emulsion and infusion are mixed and taken at nine in the morning. If
the bowels do not move in two hours, salts should be taken.

4. An Old Remedy. Chew freely of slippery elm bark. This, it is stated,
is very effective and as it is cheap and will not injure, it is worth a
thorough trial. I am often surprised at the value of the seemingly simple

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